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The blog of the Albiol Clinic

The blog of the Albiol Clinic

In our blog, you will find interesting and useful articles about dental health, as well as tips and recommendations to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Our experts cover topics ranging from basic dental hygiene to advanced cosmetic dentistry, and we're always updating our article library to keep our patients informed and educated.

We invite you to explore our blog and discover everything that Clínica Albiol can offer you in terms of dental care. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, feel free to get in contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Latest blog articles

  • Anestèsia Dental: Beneficis, Precaucions I Mites Desmentits

    Dental Anesthesia: Benefits, Precautions and Myths Debunked

    Anestèsia dental és una eina essencial en l’odontologia moderna, dissenyada per fer els tractaments dentals més còmodes i lliures de dolor per als pacients. Amb avenços significatius en les tècniques d’administració i una comprensió més profunda dels seus efectes, l’anestèsia dental l’any 2024 continua sent un tema d’interès tant per a professionals com per a…

  • Anestèsia Dental Per A Nens: Guia Per A Una Visita Al Dentista Sense Estrès.

    Dental Anesthesia for Children: Guide to a stress-free visit to the dentist.

    Anestèsia dental per a nens, en quins casos sí en quins no. T’ho comentarem aquí, perquè sabem que la visita al dentista pot generar moments d’ansietat tant als infants com a les famílies. Tanmateix, gràcies als avenços en tècniques d’anestèsia dental, aquestes visites poden ser experiències sense estrès i totalment segures. A la Clínica Dental…

  • Com Saber Si Necessito Una Corona O Un Implant Dental

    How to know if I need a Crown or a Dental Implant

    Quan es tracta de restaurar una dent danyada o perduda, és comú tenir dubtes sobre quina opció és la més adequada: una corona o un implant dental. Aquesta decisió depèn de diversos factors, incloent-hi l’estat de la vostra salut bucodental i les vostres necessitats específiques. En aquest article, us proporcionarem informació clau per ajudar-vos a…

  • How to Choose a Dentist or Dental Clinic

    How to choose a dentist or dental clinic

    Oral health is a fundamental part of our well-being and choosing the right dentist or dental clinic is a crucial decision especially considering these moments of emergency when we need to have our trusted doctor nearby. When selecting a dentist or dental clinic, there are several factors to…

  • Why Is Bad Breath More Common In Winter?

    Why is bad breath more common in winter?

    Bad breath in winter is more common because this season of the year brings a change in our daily habits and in our environment, which can affect our oral health. At this time of year, we often encounter a common and uncomfortable problem: bad breath. This situation can be…

  • Why can I have a crushed chin and how can I treat it?

    Why might I have a chipped tooth and how can I treat it?

    A cracked tooth is a common dental problem that affects many people at some point in their lives. Tooth decay is the main cause of grinding teeth, and if not treated in time, it can lead to more serious complications. In this article, we will explore why tooth decay occurs, the symptoms that…

  • Dental Filling: What It Is, Procedure And Care

    Dental filling: what it is, procedure and care

    Dental filling is one of the most common treatments in dentistry to treat cavities and restore the health of damaged teeth. Also known as filling, this procedure involves removing tooth tissue affected by decay and filling the cavity with dental material. In this article, we will examine what dental filling is all about,…

  • When You Can't Wear Orthodontics: Causes and Alternatives

    When you can't put orthodontics: causes and alternatives

    Orthodontics is a dental treatment that helps correct alignment and bite problems, improving both aesthetics and oral health. However, when can you not put orthodontics?, there are cases in which it is not possible to undergo conventional orthodontic treatment. In this article, we will examine the situations in which you cannot put…

  • Pain in the jaw of the brain: causes and treatment

    Wisdom tooth pain: causes and treatment

    Wisdom tooth pain is a common experience for many people during young adulthood. These teeth, also known as third molars, usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. However, their growth can cause discomfort and pain due to various reasons. In this article, we will explore the…

  • White Gums: Causes and Treatments

    White gums: causes and treatments

    Oral health is essential to maintaining a radiant smile and a good quality of life. White gums can be a sign of various oral health conditions and problems. Gums play a crucial role in dental well-being, and color is an important indicator of their condition. In this article, we will explore…

  • The Secrets Behind Invisible Orthodontics: 10 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

    The secrets behind invisible orthodontics: 10 benefits of choosing Invisalign

    10 benefits of choosing Invisalign

  • Invisible Orthodontics: 10 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

    Invisible orthodontics: 10 benefits of choosing Invisalign

    In this article, we present the 10 benefits of choosing invisalign and explain why it allows us to achieve the smile you've always wanted comfortably and without anyone noticing that you're undergoing treatment. This system is ideal for both children and adults as it treats all kinds of problems…

  • Foods You Should Avoid When You Wear Braces

    Foods to avoid when wearing braces

    Knowing what foods to avoid when wearing braces is essential. Orthodontic treatment with braces (or braces) is a popular option for correcting bite or tooth alignment problems. Not only does it improve the appearance of your smile, but it also helps prevent long-term oral health problems. However, the effectiveness…

  • Tips For A Healthy Diet With Brackets Just Placed

    Tips for a Healthy Diet with Brackets Just Placed

    In this article, we will share with you valuable tips on what to eat after getting braces. We know this is an important topic and we want to provide you with the information you need to eat healthy with newly fitted braces that will serve you throughout this period. Braces are an excellent option to correct problems of…

  • Dental caries in children: prevention and treatment

    Dental caries in children: prevention and treatment

    At our dental clinic, we care deeply about children's oral health. We know that tooth decay in children is a common problem in childhood and that it can have a significant impact on long-term oral health. Therefore, in this article, we want to provide you with detailed and useful information about the…

  • Can Dental Infections Be Harmful During Pregnancy?

    Can dental infections be harmful during pregnancy?

    Dental infections can be harmful during pregnancy for both mother and baby. It is important to understand the risks associated with dental infections and take preventive measures to maintain optimal oral health during this crucial period. Risks associated with dental infections during pregnancy During pregnancy, it is…

  • How dental caries are treated in children

    How to treat tooth decay in children

    The treatment of cavities in children can vary according to the degree of progress of the disease and the age of the child. In our dental clinic, we have highly qualified professionals in pediatric dental care and offer different treatment options to give your children the best possible care. Next, we present…

  • Why Do My Gums Bleed?

    Why are my gums bleeding?

    One thing dentists hear regularly is the question: Why are my gums bleeding? by the patients. It is understandable, since oral diseases are very common and gingivitis is one of the most prevalent among adults. In this situation, it is crucial to go to the dentist and undergo a…

  • Orthodontic Gums: What Are They For And What Kinds Of Orthodontic Gums Are There?

    Orthodontic gums: What are they for and what types of orthodontic gums are there?

    In this entry, we will explain in detail what they are, what they are for and what types of orthodontic gums exist. We want to share with you valuable information about orthodontic gums and how they can be beneficial to your dental health. As dental experts, we want to make sure you are well informed on this topic…

  • How to Prevent Dental Caries?

    How to prevent tooth decay?

    Preventing tooth decay is critical to maintaining a healthy smile and preventing long-term dental problems. In this complete guide, you will learn how to prevent tooth decay and the key points to maintain excellent oral health. 1. Oral hygiene habits: Good oral care is essential to prevent…

  • Your Dentist in Vilanova and La Geltrú

    Your dentist in Vilanova i la Geltrú

    If you are looking for your dentist in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Clínica Albiol is synonymous with quality, professionalism and care in the field of oral health. From our center, we strive to offer our patients the latest innovations in dental treatments, always with a personalized approach attentive to their needs. In…

  • Invisible Orthodontics: A Discreet And Effective Solution For Your Smile

    Invisible orthodontics: A discreet and effective solution for your smile

    Invisible orthodontics is a modern and discreet alternative to traditional braces to correct dental malpositions and improve the aesthetics of your smile. At Clínica Albiol in Vilanova i la Geltrú, we are proud to offer this innovative option to our patients. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of invisible orthodontics and how it can help you…

  • How to Maintain Good Dental Hygiene in 2023

    How to maintain good dental hygiene in 2023

    Do you know how to maintain good dental hygiene? Dental hygiene is key to our general well-being, and at Clínica Albiol de Vilanova i la Geltrú, we care about your smile and your health. That is why in this article we will give you practical advice to maintain oral health and prevent problems...

  • What is and what is an endodontic for?

    What is and what is an endodontic for?

    You may have heard the term: endodontics, or also called: root canal treatment, more than once. It is a specialty within dentistry that deals especially with diseases that affect the dental pulp. In this article we want to try to explain what this treatment consists of and what are the symptoms that indicate that a structure...

  • Dental prosthesis in Vilanova and La Geltrú

    Dental prosthesis in Vilanova i la Geltrú

    What are the advantages of dental prostheses? There are many advantages of a dental prosthesis both to restore lost and damaged teeth. The patient can eat all kinds of food again by improving his digestive process. Something really important for your own overall health. Improved self-esteem by being able to smile again without fear.…

  • Pediatric dentistry in Vilanova and La Geltrú

    Pediatric dentistry in Vilanova i la Geltrú

    All of us, young and old, need to take care of our dental health. And for this very reason, there are also specialists in specific age groups within dentistry. A clear example is the pediatric dentist, a professional who takes care of the dental health of the little ones in the house. When to make the first visit to the Pediatric Dentist?…

  • Which Is More Expensive Invisalign Or Brackets?

    What is more expensive Invisalign or braces?

    Currently, the most effective treatments to achieve a perfect smile and aligned teeth are two: braces, old acquaintances that have been creating smiles in children and adults for decades and a new protagonist: Invisalign, much more discreet and which, like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose between these two treatments…

  • Quan Costa Una Neteja Dental? Quin Preu Té Una Neteja Dental?

    When does a dental cleaning cost? How much does a dental cleaning cost?

    We will be happy to advise you: Ask us!

  • How to improve the color of the teeth?

    How to improve the color of the teeth?

    Let's face it: no one likes yellow teeth. We all dream of a smile worthy of a Hollywood actor or actress. One of those smiles that manages to fall in love with whoever looks at us. We have all, at some point, looked for the answer to the question posed. If you search the web you will find hundreds of whitening products...

  • When do you start to notice the changes with Invisalign?

    When do you start noticing changes with Invisalign?

    To choose Invisalign or not to choose it? Opting for this option can be a reason for dozens of doubts. Doubts that have multiplied by millions of people since a few years ago, when the "healthy fashion" of beautifying the smile with this method, literally, swept half the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is not…

  • When is orthodontics necessary?

    When is orthodontics necessary?

    It is important to make it clear that orthodontics can have two types of functions: the aesthetic function that seeks to beautify the smile or the reparative function that seeks to correct defects that can cause physical and functional damage. At first, anyone with a malocclusion (that doesn't fit well) is a perfect candidate for…

  • When you get a dental cleaning, do you get anesthesia?

    When they clean your teeth, do they put you under anesthesia?

    It's time to put your teeth in the hands of professionals and perform a dental cleaning that will not only leave them beautiful, but also healthy and free of caries. However, there are many people who, today, continue to think that this type of treatment is synonymous with pain. Luckily, the…

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