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How to improve the color of the teeth?

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Let's face it: no one likes yellow teeth. We all dream of a smile worthy of a Hollywood actor or actress. One of those smiles that manages to fall in love with whoever looks at us.

We have all, at some point, looked for the answer to the question posed. If you search the net you will find hundreds of products to whiten your yellow teeth. "Miracle" products that promise perfect teeth in a matter of days.

But that's not usually exactly the case. If you have coloring problems, the first thing you need to do is look for the cause. Search and see where it is, what is the main goal you are looking for in a whitening and analyze what kind of habits may be causing yellow teeth.

What is tooth staining?

we can say "yellow teeth" in teeth that appear to have a yellowish tint. Whether from chewing certain foods or tobacco smoke, tooth enamel can stain and wear away.

Dentin that darkens with age, but if exposed, can make teeth look even more yellow.

Causes of yellow teeth

The coffee, tea, wine, certain sodafood and tobacco they are the number one enemy of white teeth. These types of substances are aggressive for the enamel, they penetrate it and cause yellowing and unsightly teeth.

But beyond the aesthetics there is another serious problem that is hidden in the background: caries and other diseases of the teeth and gums.

Another of the main causes that can color your teeth is a lack of dental hygiene. The accumulation of plaque on the teeth will gradually cause them to turn yellow. So you have one more excuse to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. (Without forgetting!)

Is it possible to whiten yellow teeth?

Yes. As long as it is done correctly and you avoid home remedies that can end up making the situation worse and damaging the piece, it is possible to end yellow teeth.

The main measure to avoid having yellow teeth is undoubtedly prevention: have proper dental hygiene and avoid foods that can stain them or leave harmful habits not only for your dental health but in general (such as tobacco).

However, if there is no going back and the teeth are already yellow, there are also ways to reverse this situation:


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Dental whitening Albiol Clinic

Special toothpastes

There are whitening toothpastes that, in addition to being endorsed by dental experts, make the tooth gradually "turn whiter".

They are a type of pasta with special components like activated carbon, which manages to slightly improve the color of the tooth and prevent stains from reappearing.

To do it well…

Visit to the dentist:

If you want to have your teeth whitened correctly, don't hesitate: go to a specialist in the material.

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When doing so, it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the mouth. After that, the color tone that your teeth had before they decayed is established and an attempt is made to analyze what or what factors are responsible for this. This determines what whitening can be done and the results that can be expected.

It is important that the treatment is carried out by an expert in order to guarantee an optimal result. That's why it's better to avoid products, miracles or treatments that guarantee you whiten your teeth without effort.

Type of professional planning

As we get older, the teeth also move but not in the same way as in children.

The type of problem to correct is also an important factor. Depending on the type of problem, it may take more or less time to correct the position.

Teeth whitening with LED light

This whitening is done exclusively in a qualified center. After applying a gel, a light is applied which has the effect of enhancing the action of this same gel. Only one session is needed to see results and duration of the treatment is 1 hour on average.

Mixed teeth whitening

In this kind of treatment two methods are used, the treatment that is applied and activated with LED light and others splints which the patient will have to place at home previously filled with whitening gel.

Internal teeth whitening

This type of treatment is used to teeth that have undergone endodontics. A gel is applied inside the tooth itself and left to work until the stain is removed. For this particular case, several sessions are necessary to see the results.

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Clean your teeth

If you want to remove these yellowish stains from your teeth, dental care and hygiene are basic:

Brush at least 3 times a day

It is not enough to brush your teeth in the morning or at night and forget about hygiene all day. Ideally, every time you eat, your teeth should be clean. If you do this you will eliminate the food particles that are left in your mouth and you will be able to prevent the accumulation of dirt. This results in whiter teeth.

Use mouthwash

If you use a mouthwash that is approved by your dentist you can eliminate the bacteria that cause the formation of plaque in the mouth. In this way, bacteria and some food particles are expected to cause the dreaded cavities. You will also prevent the bacteria from wearing away your enamel and the dentin from being exposed.

Use dental floss

To finish with good hygiene and prevent yellow teeth it is important that remove all food particles hidden in your teeth. For this, dental floss can help you reach every corner and complete your dental hygiene routine.

Now you know what you have to do to properly whiten yellow teeth and most importantly: prevent them from getting stained again.
It is crucial that visit your dentist regularly and have at least an annual cleaning. In this way you will prevent plaque from forming and you can be advised on different treatments that guarantee the total health of your teeth.


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