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Dental reconstruction in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Dental reconstruction in Vilanova i la Geltrú

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Types of dental reconstructions

There are two types of restorations:

  • The direct reconstruction consists in applying the treatment directly on the tooth. It is usually done in one session and is usually used for less serious injuries. The material used will depend on the patient's decision and the advice provided by the dentist.
  • On the other hand, the indirect reconstruction requires that part of the process be done in a laboratory. When it comes to injuries in several parts that must be replaced by crowns, bridges or denturess, it is necessary for the dentist to take the corresponding measures, the part is manufactured in the laboratory and different tests are carried out until it isfit perfectly to the patient's dentures. For this reason, this procedure is carried out in several sessions. 

Dental restoration methodology at the Albiol clinic

Dental reconstruction is a common procedure that restores a damaged tooth through various treatments. These procedures vary depending on the dental injury.

  • The first step to carry out a dental restoration is to go to a specialist who will take care of take an x-ray and make a diagnosis complete to assess the condition of the tooth.
  • Next, local anesthesia will be applied in the affected area and an intervention will be carried out that will depend on the condition of the tooth. During this intervention, the tooth decay, fracture or other problem that has been seen in the diagnostic phase will be removed and then will rebuild the tooth using a high-quality aesthetic material called dental composite.

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Frequently asked questions

Dental restoration is a procedure that seeks repair dental parts that have deep caries, damage or fractures. This practice is part of conservative dentistry. Through the restoration, both the function and the aesthetic appearance of the tooth are restored.

The duration of dental reconstruction varies between five and ten years. The dentist will determine the duration of the dental restoration based on the condition of the teeth and gums.

Dental reconstruction is performed in different situations:

  • When is it they find extensive caries, the caries located in the enamel is extracted. Afterwards, the area is covered with composite resin, a resistant and durable material that also respects the patient's dental aesthetics.
  • The dental wear, usually caused by bruxism, can lead to tooth fractures. In these cases, dental reconstruction is done to restore the affected parts.
  • to treat fractures, fissures and cracks in the teeth, while improving its aesthetics and shape. This method consists of the adhesion of a resin called composite to the dental structure.

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