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Dental prosthesis in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Dental prosthesis in Vilanova and La Geltrú

What are the advantages of dental prostheses?

There are many advantages of a dental prosthesis both to restore lost teeth and damaged.

  1. The patient can return to food all kinds of food improving your digestive process. Something really important for your own overall health.
  2. Improved self-esteem being able to smile again without fear. This improves the quality of life.
  3. Anticipate tooth movement. By recovering the missing teeth, it is possible to close the space that can be occupied by the adjacent teeth.
  4. Pronunciation or diction is improved of the affected person, since the very movements of the tongue when speaking will be natural and correct.
  5. Dental cleaning is facilitated and problems related to the accumulation of bacteria.

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Which is they are the phases to put a dental prosthesis?

It all depends on the patient and their needs. In the case of a prosthesis on implants, for example, a much more detailed study is required. In any case, they all correspond to a series of general phases:

1. Study and initial analysis

It does not matter how the prostheses are placed. The first step will always be make a study of the general condition of the patient's mouth. This study is necessary to know what oral health is like and what types of treatments are most viable.

2. Preparation

Depending on the prosthesis required, the preparation may differ. If the denture is placed over the teeth, sometimes one is needed cut off previous In case of placing a prosthesis over an implant, first of all, there will always be surgery.

3. Laboratory phase

In this phase the prosthesis is prepared according to the dentist's instructions who will be the one to place them finally. These types of prostheses are made to measure and pre-ordered in the laboratory.

4. Placement

Mouth prepared and sanitized, the prosthesis is placed. This phase depends on the type of prostheses. It is also important that in this phase the patient is provided with correct notions, both about placement and when to remove it and about how to clean the prosthesis in case it is removable.

5. Maintenance

In order for the prosthesis to last, it is important to clean it-the and take care of it whether it is a fixed prosthesis or removable. If they are fixed, the professional will have to do a routine cleaning.

Dental prostheses have revolutionized the world of dentistry. They are not new elements, but the latest developments and research have been able to ensure that most patients looking for a new smile can see their goal accomplished.

And that, to smile again is a feeling that is recorded in the mind forever.

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Dental prosthesis in Vilanova i la Geltrú

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