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What is more expensive Invisalign or braces?


Currently, the most effective treatments to achieve a perfect smile and aligned teeth are two: the brackets, old acquaintances who have been creating smiles in children and adults for decades and a new protagonist: Invisalign, much more discreet and that, like everything, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing between these two treatments is not a decision to be made lightly. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze each particular case beforehand and choose the most appropriate method in a personalized way. Braces work by exerting pressure on the teeth through various elements (the bracket, the bow and the files), Invisalign straightens the teeth using transparent aligners that gradually move the teeth into the correct position by exerting pressure on the teeth through small modifications in the position of the teeth.

As a general rule, brackets are more economic than Invisalign, but we reiterate: it all depends on the type of problem and patient in question. We will analyze what are the main characteristics of each treatment so that we can better understand the budget that each of them carries associated.

Which of the two is more effective?

Both treatments offer guarantees and both are effective in aligning the teeth. Changes that also require periodic checks at least every 6 or 10 weeks. Controls that are carried out to ensure that the treatment is being effective or if the device needs to be adjusted to see new developments.

Braces, unlike Invisalign, are a fixed treatment. That is to say, once placed it can only be removed by the specialist. This means that the patient will wear it 24 hours a day. Something that may seem like a disadvantage but becomes an advantage if we attend to effectiveness and commitment to treatment.

Something that does not happen with Invisalign, what is a removable device that must be worn for at least 20-22 hours every day. And precisely in this advantage is the possible problem. If the patient does not meet the minimum hours, the treatment may take longer to complete theeffect desired.

This is why many patients or parents of these patients directly request that the chosen treatment be that of braces. And not only because it is cheaper, but because it ensures that the patient will keep the device on 24 hours a day.

I want to make a query

How long does a treatment with braces last? and with Invisalign?

Both treatments take about the same amount of time. This time will primarily depend on the initial state. Obviously it's not the same as aligning oneis tooths that only teat a slight deviation, that oneis otheris, in which most of the teeth are crowded togetherfrom.

That is why there are short treatment plans in which only the front teeth are straightened and with which a good result can be achieved in about 6 months and others, in which the treatment can last between one and two years.

This extension in time can not only be due to an incorrect alignment of lit is dental structures but that the bones dthe jaws also come into play. And in these cases the process is can prolongr notoriously


Invisalign price

Which of the two treatments is more comfortable?

Invisalign is more comfortable than braces for the simple fact of not containing pieces attached to the teeth that they can cause discomfort to zoneis tovis of the mouth In any case, over time, the mouth itself molds and adapts to both devices and discomfort is minimal.

Brackets are usually adjusted each 4 weeks, unlike Invisalign which is adjusted approximately every 10 days, but there is no need to go to the consultation, but the patient changes the aligners at home. As a general rule, once placed, the pressure felt on the teeth disappears after 48 hours.

Another aspect that can add an advantage to Invisalign is that it offers more "offer" when it comes to feeding. With braces, certain foods like the hard stuff or chewing gum are totally not recommended because they can cause damage to the device. Invisalign in this aspect, being able to withdraw, is more flexible.

Invisalign is less noticeable than braces

With the brackets the structures placed on the teeth i the metal brackets will become visible when you smile or talk. Invisalign, is made with a material"of plastic" completely transparent, so no one will notice who is wearing it. This fact makes it the treatment of choice, especially for children and teenagers who live in a stage where self-esteem and the importance of the physical are accentuated.

Regarding dental hygiene, brackets are more complicated to clean for the simple fact that there is more corners i it is more difficult to access the whole mouth. Invisalign is easily cleaned with a toothbrush to, then, do the usual dental hygiene complete with brush, paste and dental floss.

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Question of price?

Although as a general rule, braces treatment is cheaper than Invisalign, in recent years the price of both is being remarkably equated. For this reason, all that remains is to evaluate the particular case of each patient in order to be able to decide, according to the state of their mouth and their specific characteristics, which type of device is best for each one.

Currently the price of braces is approximately about 2.000 and the price of Invisaling is around 3.500€. It all depends on the case in question.

If you need personalized information about Brackets or Invisalign, consult with our experts. call us!

We will study your case and give you the option that suits you.

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