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When is orthodontics necessary?


It is important to make it clear that orthodontics can have two types of functions: the aesthetic function that seeks to beautify the smile or the reparative function that seeks to correct defects that can cause physical and functional damage.

At first, anyone with a malocclusion (that doesn't fit well) is a perfect candidate to wear orthodontics. This is because a bad occlusion can cause the affected person not to chew food properly, with all the consequences that this entails. And not only that, a bad occlusion can cause cavities, gum problems or improper wear of the teeth. A calculation of factors that can affect the psychology and state of mind of the affected person.

This type of so-called "malocclusions" can have a genetic origin or be the result of environmental factors such as dental disease or an accident.

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Type of malocclusion

Type 1 malocclusion: In this type of misalignment the jaws are correctly aligned. Dental structures are advanced if we compare it to the bone from which they are born. In this kind of malocclusion, the appearance of crowding of teeth is possible, but not 100% necessary.

Type 2 malocclusion: This type of malocclusion is what moves the upper jaw forward. In this way excessively advanced teeth can be observed.

Type 3 malocclusion: The lower jaw completely surpasses the upper jaw. This type of malocclusion causes the so-called: crossbite.

This type of problem does not only cause physical defects at first glance. They can cause difficulties in biting, problems in speaking or even difficulties in breathing.

To determine the type of orthodontics that the patient must wear, it is necessary for the professional to make a complete diagnosis of the patient's morpho-genetic pattern. In other words, what is sought is find the origin of this malocclusion.

In conditions a series of tests are carried out to delimit this problem:

  • A panoramic radiograph.
  • One side of the skull.
  • Extraoral and intraoral photographs.
  • A model that will dictate the patient's bite type.

Affections for which it is needed orthodontics

Some of the most common problems that can be solved with the use of orthodontics are:


In an overbite, the front teeth overlap when biting the lower teeth. It is a problem of second degree malocclusion. It is usually corrected in childhood and adolescence. In the case of adults, a perfect maxillary position will not be achieved on the 100%.


In this case the lower teeth protrude excessively. Another option is for the uppers to be positioned too far back. In this case an orthodontic is used with expanders

The way it works is that it widens the jaws as they grow.

cross bite

In the cross bite one or more upper teeth are behind the lower ones when biting. In children it is corrected by using an expander, which is widened with a key so that the bone remains fixed. In adults, surgery is usually necessary for its correction.

Space between the teeth

In this case it is usually common to find a space located between the upper central teeth. Orthodontics manages to close the space with good results.

Tooth crowding 

When the teeth do not have space to fit properly they overlap. This can pose a functional, aesthetic and hygiene problem. 

Problems with speech

Having a denture with some occlusion problem can cause problems to pronounce certain phonemes. A problem that is solved by going to its origin. An origin that can be a mandibular projection, open bite, absence of upper molars etc...


Interruption of breathing during the night (apnea) can be triggered or affected by a malocclusion of the lower jaw. Solving this problem will therefore also help to solve the apnea problem.

joint problem

the splints of download can help solve problem of nocturnal bruxism. A problem that can cause affectations in the temporomandibular joints and the muscles in charge of exercising mastication.

This pain can cause anything from earaches to a complete blockage of the jaw. Usually this type of condition is caused by psychological factors like the stress but a malocclusion can also create or worsen this problem.

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Orthodontics is not only limited to aesthetic purposes. It is capable of improving the person's life by allowing them to chew, speak or even breathe correctly, increasing self-confidence and psychological improvement of patients.

Factors that are absolutely essential to guarantee a correct quality of life.

In any case, the dentist and orthodontist will be responsible for analyzing your particular case and defining your ideal type of orthodontics. Data such as age, or the degree of involvement are main elements to consider.

If you have noticed that your teeth are misaligned, you have problems when chewing or pain in your temporomandibular joints, consult a professional as soon as possible.

There are solutions! contact us and we will advise you.

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