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The secrets behind invisible orthodontics: 10 benefits of choosing Invisalign

Invisible Orthodontics 10 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

In this article we present them 10 benefits of choosing invisalign and we'll explain why it allows us to achieve the smile you've always wanted comfortably and without anyone noticing that you're undergoing treatment. This system is ideal for both children and adults as it treats all kinds of dental problems.

Have you felt intimidated by the cost of orthodontic treatment in the past? Good news: Invisible orthodontics makes it easy and affordable to improve your smile.

Today, thanks to advances in technology, the myth that orthodontic treatments are expensive has been dispelled. At our dental clinic in Vilanova i la Geltrú, at Clinica Albiol, we offer the best system of invisible orthodontics from the market at an affordable price.

At our dental center, we specialize in Invisalign, giving our patients the confidence to know that they are receiving safe, effective and quality orthodontic treatment. So don't wait any longer and get the smile you've always wanted with invisible orthodontics within reach of your pocket.

The 10 benefits of choosing Invisalign

Invisalign is a highly aesthetic orthodontic system that uses transparent aligners (splints) to correct misaligned or crowded teeth.

Compared to other orthodontic treatments, such as braces, Invisalign offers numerous benefits which the specialists in invisible orthodontics at Clínica Albiol tell us below:

10 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign 1
  1. Aesthetics: invisible aligners are highly aesthetic, as they adapt perfectly to the shape of the teeth, without the need to use metal brackets.
  2. Personalization: each set of invisible aligners is designed specifically for the patient and ensures a personalized and precise treatment.
  3. predictability: thanks to virtual planning, the patient can see the final result of the treatment before it begins, allowing better decision-making.
  4. Treatment control: Invisible aligners allow precise control of tooth movement, leading to more precise and efficient results.
  5. Convenience: Being removable, invisible aligners are more comfortable than other orthodontic treatments, allowing the patient to carry out daily activities as normal.
  6. Oral hygiene: the fact that they can be taken off and put on allows you to brush your teeth without getting in the way. Therefore, they facilitate oral hygiene and prevent the formation of caries.
  7. Fewer side effects: problems such as irritation, pain or ulcerations do not happen with Invisalign, since there are no metal arches or brackets that can cause these types of problems.
  8. Speed of treatment: treatment with invisible aligners can last between 12 and 24 months, depending on each case.
  9. flexibility: invisible aligners adapt to the patient's routine, allowing for use during the night and during the day.
  10. Fewer visits to the dentist: follow-up appointments with the orthodontist are less frequent than with other orthodontic treatments, resulting in less disruption to the patient's life.

Do you dare to change your smile and turn your life around? We help you.

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